Collaborative Wealth Advisors’ Alliance System

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Estate planning is not top of mind for most people until they experience a death in their own family.  As a consequence, we see clients and their families face the financial repercussions of inadequate estate planning such as:

  • Paying tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of dollars in unnecessary state and federal estate taxes, gift taxes, inheritance taxes, fiduciary taxes, etc., due to a lack of tax planning in the estate plan.
  • Inadvertent disinheritance of children from an earlier marriage when a surviving spouse remarries and assets pass to the new spouse rather than to the children.
  • Grown children losing their inheritance due to their circumstances such as a divorce, lawsuit, business failure, bankruptcy, or their own financial immaturity.
  • Beneficiaries paying punitive taxes on retirement plan assets due to a lack of understanding of and planning for the unique tax consequences of retirement plans.
  • Refusing to provide for a special needs child in an estate plan due to erroneous guidance that doing so would threaten the child’s government benefits.

We help people avoid costly estate planning pitfalls. We give our clients peace of mind that their affairs are in order and that their wishes will be met after they’re gone, without burdening their loved ones with unexpected, unnecessary, and excessive estate taxes and expenses.

The Wealth Advisors’ Alliance System

We have implemented a unique approach in working with clients referred to us by other Wealth Advisors.  Called the Wealth Advisors’ Alliance System, this three-step program involves the Wealth Advisor in every aspect of the clients’ estate planning strategy formulation.  You make the introduction and the strategy meetings take place in your offices.  We even provide you with draft letters to send to your clients.  These letters describe the process and highlight you as the facilitator of the entire process.  Your clients fittingly perceive you to be providing a valuable service in creating an alliance with us to assist with their estate planning needs.

Many of the wealth advisors who refer clients to us recognize an increase in business activity as a result of their clients’ completion of our estate planning process.  The reason is simple—when you refer a client to us, you remain an integral part of the relationship.  Additionally, we look for every possibility to maximize your business opportunities with the clients.  For example,

  • We encourage clients to consolidate assets with you;
  • We often promote the need for insurance or other financial products but, because we do not directly sell financial products or prepare tax returns, we direct the clients back to you for these services;
  • We employ plans that encourage heirs to leave the assets in place and under your management; or to continue to utilize your tax preparation and advisory services at the time of death.

Please click on the document below to view, print, or download our flyer for details about our Wealth Advisors’ Alliance System:

As part of this mutually-beneficial business alliance, you may feel free to call us with questions about estate planning or tax issues; even if we are not working together with a client.  We look forward to speaking with you to explore whether our business models and client base support forming a collaborative advisors’ alliance system.

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