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Welcome to the Sellers Johnson Law Wealth Advisors’ Center.  At our Wealth Advisors’ Center, we offer systems and educational materials to assist you with promoting and enhancing your client relationship and contribute to the success or your business. As a Wealth Advisor, your relationships with your clients are much more than simply advising them on financial matters, tax matters, or managing their money.  As their trusted Wealth Advisor, you serve a pivotal role in helping to protect your clients and their families from common risks that we all face.

We are a risk management law firm.  We similarly focus on helping clients reduce risk through estate planning.  We do not handle divorces, personal injury cases, bankruptcies, criminal law, or other unrelated practice areas.  We have honed our skills exclusively in Maryland estate planning and Maryland estate administration.

Below you will find areas to explore that we have created for our Maryland Wealth Advisor partners.

Collaborative Wealth Advisors’ Alliance System

We have implemented a unique approach in working with clients referred to us by other Wealth Advisors. Called the Wealth Advisors’ Alliance System, this three-step program involves the Wealth Advisor in every aspect of the clients’ estate planning strategy formulation. You make the introduction and the strategy meetings take place in your offices. We even provide you with draft letters to send to your clients. These letters describe the process and highlight you as the facilitator of the entire process.

Your clients fittingly perceive you to be providing a valuable service in creating an alliance with us to assist with their estate planning needs.  Learn more about our Collaborative Wealth Advisors’ Alliance System . . .

The Wealth Advisor Newsletters

Our Wealth Advisor Newsletter is a monthly electronic newsletter that delves deep into advanced estate planning topics of interest to our Wealth Advisor partners, such as Inherited IRAs and Stand-Alone Retirement Trusts; Charitable Planning Opportunities; Tax Issues Related to Planning for the Sale of Closely-Held Businesses; Estate Planning for Disability; Taxation of Trusts; and more.

You may subscribe to our monthly Wealth Advisor Newsletter or view the archive of our past newsletters.  Learn more about our Wealth Advisor Newsletters . . .

The Wealth Advisors Education Center

Our Wealth Advisor Education Center has multi-media educational tools of topics of interest for Wealth Advisors.

Visit our Wealth Advisors Education Center . . .

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